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First Action is a UK-based charity. Our charity is a community development not for profit organisation that offers:

  • Food to people who are in need
  • Hot meals at our community café
  • Coffee mornings to bring the community together
  • Funded training courses for unemployed or those seeking benefits
  • Information, advice and guidance to support and help everyone develop as lifelong learners and achieve their potential in their career of choice

Coffee Mornings

Hot Meals

Funded Training Courses

Advice and Guidance

Funded training courses for unemployed or those seeking benefits


We are an education charity supporting pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment, helping them to progress to further education, employment or training.

1 Day Hair Course For Our Mummies

We ran a 1 day hair course for our mummies. The purpose of this course was to give them a taster session of what skills they can develop and learn to help them enter into employment in the beauty industry.

Feedback from Our Learners

"I really enjoyed this course as I have a lot of family weddings and have to spend a fortune on myself and my daugther to get our hair and makeup. I will now be able to save money and do the hairstyles myself."

"OMG, why didn't you run this course earlier? I have always wanted to learn how to do elegant hairstyles and thought they were really complicated to do. Please let me know when you have more hair and make up courses."

"During lockdown, I tried practising hair styles by watching YouTube but couldn't focus. This face to face hair course helped me understand detailed information and learn how to do backcombing. Thankyou for letting me join the class at a short notice."


Food Bank

We help local families and individuals in crisis with food, toiletries and other essential items. We provide food parcels to the local community on a weekly basis. The food we distribute is nutritious, in-date and good to eat. It reaches across the Bradford and Birmingham area targeting vulnerable families. Bradford food bank is open every Thursdays 12pm till 3pm. You must call on 07308497335 to book a time slot 24 hours prior to collection.


Our team provides Information, Advice and guidance on topics such as:

  • Employment, education, and training, including job information and courses.
  • Limitations that affect your choices for example, skills, experience, financial and housing situations.
  • Personal issues such as; health, relationships and discrimination.

With our expert advice and guidance, understanding and positive attitude, you will be able to:

  • identify realistic but ambitious career and learning options that suit you
  • make better, positive decisions and be clear about your next steps
  • make sure you have a well-informed plan about your future career, job, education and/or training
  • develop your skills, such as communication and decision making, as well as identify other skills, such as practical, IT and job-related skills you will need
  • build up your confidence and motivation about your future
  • reduce the chances of you dropping out of education, training or work
  • recognise that career planning is a continual lifelong process, one in which our careers advisers are there to guide you.



  • F129 - Woodroyd Centre, Woodroyd Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD5 8EL
  • +44 0300 303 1150
  • info@1staction.org.uk